Fleet Management

Our Fleet Management Objectives

To engage in fleet management services as a means of assisting or enabling our client to achieve greater efficiency, concentrate on core business and achieve optimal utilization of other resources.
To achieve this, we intend to acquire specified vehicle models that will be made available for your use under agreed terms and conditions.

The Service

Considering the uniqueness of your need and the specialized environment in which various companies you operate, we are prepared to manage client’s current fleet under a sale and lease back scheme and thereafter to provide additional vehicles under operating lease.


As the world moves irreversibly towards specialization and concentrating on core competence, our fleet management services as offered would save your company the stress of:

  • Acquiring and replacing of vehicles
  • Also relieve you additional services such as
    • Insurance
    • Maintenance and daily running of the fleet
    • Provision of technical support staff
    • Save executive time being spent on none-core activities that would be useful in enhancing the revenue drive for the company.
  • Avoid leakages through staff malpractices

    It is worthy of mention that the benefit to be derived from the service cannot be over emphasized especially in the area of:->

    • Cost Control
    • Budget Monitoring and economic reality
    • Reporting in corporate governance

Why It Pays To Outsource Fleet Management Now

  • Outsourcing is the way forward: It is getting to be standard practice for all dynamic institutions.
  • It offers the most convenient options for the purpose of managing balance sheet structure.
  • It relieves management of the headaches associated with dishonesty in the maintenance of its fleet.
  • Maintenance costs are better controlled offering perfect predictability which is invaluable to the process of planning.
  • Zero per cent down time promised as relief vehicles are available at periods of breakdown.
  • Professionals are dedicated to the running of your fleet at a very competitive cost.

Terms Of Condition

Issues such as tenor of agreement, hours of work, geographical coverage, usage of vehicles, parking arrangement, payment terms etc would be discussed in details when this proposal is favored.

Rental Charges

Our rental charges are reasonable and highly competitive. Our proposal offers two options and the rental charges per month and would be made available on request.

Vehicle Types

Types of vehicle include but are not limited to:

  • Toyota Coaster
  • Toyota Corrola
  • Toyota Hiace
  • Toyota Hilux

Please Note:

  1. Cost schedule would be provided upon request
  2. The schedule could assumes that the vehicles would be bought under a new vehicles arrangement.
  3. In the case of existing vehicle transferrable from the client to RECORE, we will use a sales and lease back arrangement.
  4. The transfer pricing arrangement will be used. The vehicle will be transfer at agreed price putting the following into consideration:
    • Age
    • Book Value
    • Physical Condition
    • And the millage.