Who We Are

RECORE is wholly owned by Nigerians, and was established with a vision to deliver needed solutions to companies that are seeking to improve their efficiency and profitability by focusing on their core business. Our outsourcing services cover Personnel Supply, Dispatch and Fleet and Facility Management Services.

Our outsourcing services are built on providing:
  • Relief
  • Comfort and
  • Reputation.
Our service excellence policy:
  • We are guided by the strong conviction that the long view will always win out.
  • Pretence and incompetence or insincerity will sooner than later crash out.
  • Only thorough, steady and consistent performance attains sustainability.
  • Excellence is meeting challenges and winning by diligence.


What We Offer




Dispatch Services

Fleet Management

Our Vision

Providing the most trusted support in the outsourcing industry in NIgeria.

Our Mission

To relieve our clients of all worry through the provision of effective support service management. We depend on our different well trained professionals to deliver top notch results

Our Strengths

  • Fully licenced by Federal Ministry of Labour (Recruiters Licence)
  • Transparent with staff emolument
  • Strict compliance with all regulatory / statutory returns
  • Experienced
  • Managed by competent managers with high integrity