Our recruitment services involve assisting an organisation in sourcing for the various categories of staff needed.
These may include staff of all cadres and classifications, local and international. Sourcing through our database or head hunting from similar organisation.

Benefit Of Recruitment Services

  • Reduce management time wasting on recruitment
  • Staff availability in our database
  • Enhance efficiency in turnaround time in getting a labour replacement
  • Reduce cost on stationeries/space management

Mode Of Operations

Recore source through our database, interview and send shortlisted candidates to the client office for final selection.

Professional Fee For Recruitment Services

We receive recruitment fee chargeable based on the percentage of the staff annual salary.

Our rates are as follows :

  • Unskilled Labour (Junior Staff) ------- 10%
  • Semi Skilled Labour (Senior Staff) -------- 8%
  • Skilled Labour (Officers) ----- 18%