Dispatch Services

We provide dispatch/fleet services which relieve our clients of the burden of owning, maintaining and operating motorbike/vehicle and their operators.

Mode Of Operation

This includes, acquiring the specified motor vehicle/bike models that will be made available for your use under the agreed terms & conditions to be managed by Recore Limited

The Benefit

Cost effectiveness by reducing:-
  • Fuel and other maintenance cost
  • Expenses on tyres, batteries and worries of fuel pilfering/theft
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance and daily running cost
  • Provision of technical support staff
  • Avoid leakages through staff malpractices
Efficiency by:-
  • Shifting the responsibility of dispatch services to the professionals
  • Getting automatic replacement bike in case of breakdown, accidents, theft etc
  • Getting a replace rider with less hassle
Company image and reduced stress in managing:-
  • Emergent labour and industrial relation issues.