As human resource professionals, we are intense on training and development. We are convinced beyond any doubt that continuous staff development policy holds the ace for sustainable superior performance for all companies.

In-House Training

We take training as our special ingredient in the supply of professional staff to our various clients. Training helps us get the requisite edge for consistent high quality services.

Premier Lecture Center

Additionally, we are the premier private lecture Centre for the prestigious Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) taking pride in our continued contribution to the growing height of CIPM professionals in the nation’s workforce since 2007. We have had to suspend our accreditation with the Institute of Commercial management (ICM) in the United Kingdom due to problems with volatile foreign exchange costs and scarcity encountered by our students.

Open House Training Programmes

Thirdly, we offer specific and specialized general managerial developed programmes, either on demand or as programs open to the general public.
Our experienced and highly qualified faculty is second to none in our chosen areas in terms of quality and delivery.
We offer a well-equipped and very study-friendly environment while practicing the most modern methods of knowledge impartation. We use seminar style presentations, achieve hands on learning and concentration of participants through group assignment and role plays, as well as employ visual, electronic and digital aids in teaching.

Our Specialization Cover

HR, Corporate Affairs, Accounting, Personal Effectiveness, Leadership and other soft issues in management.