Outsourcing (Support Staff Management): As business is moving towards specialization and concentrating on core competence, our trained staff would not only relieve you of the burden associated with managing employees who man non core functions, but will also complement and add value to your unique work environment.

Benefits Of Choosing Our Company

In the light of the current economic realities, it is our corporate policy to ensure that we provide value added services that will assist our clients to maintain an edge over their competitors.

The benefits to our clients are as follows :

  • Improve Profitability
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Improved Company Image
  • Improved Overall Efficiency
  • Prompt Replacement

The Key To Our Mutual Success

  • Our corporate policy of quality services
  • A staff package tailored to your specifications and principle of best practises
  • Professional assessment and interview
  • Timely completion of assignments

Recruitment Procedure

  • Short listing from our database
  • Conducting of aptitude test
  • Selection for interview
  • Recommendation of prospective candidates to our client for selection
  • Minimum of two people for each position
  • Issuance of appointment letter
  • Conduct induction and training
  • Background checking

Contract Terms / Conditions

The contract will be for the supply of support staff of various categories:

  • A comprehensive contract agreement shall be forwarded to you after the contract terms have been approved
  • RECORE shall provide a relief staff to cover the period of leave of any of the support staff
  • In case of any staff leaving the employment, RECORE shall provide replacement within in record time.

Professional Fees

As it appears on the proposed salary break down to be provided;

Our professional fee is charged as follows:

  • 0-50 staff ------- 20%
  • 51-100 --------15%
  • 101 and above -----12%

The service charge covers cost of supervision administrative, and other anciliary expenses.

Mode Of Salary Payment

  • We are obligated to be timely and effective to ensure the ease and comfort of our staff
  • All salaries are paid through banks continuously improving banking packages and technology has significantly resolved old bottlenecks that lead to delays in staff salary payment.

Invoicing and Salary Timing

  • Agency to submit invoice at least 10 days before pay day
  • Agency expects payment at least five days before payday
  • Staff accounts to be credited on the eve of the payday

Statutory Returns

All statutory returns such as taxes and Pension etc to reach appropriate regulators not latter than 15th day of the succeeding month

Other Variable Invoice Items

Other relevant elements to be considered along with the service contract are:

  • Kitting (Personal Projective Equipment)
  • Insurance (Group Accident, Employee Compsensation for drivers an FDG for Stewards/Bank Tellers)
  • Bonuses
  • Periodic Review

*Fees shall be reviewed in line with industry standards